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5 Office Trends of 2020

1. Multi-functional Workspaces

The need for flexible multi-functional work spaces is on the rise. Say goodbye to individual work desks and enclosed offices and hello to an office that can be transformed from a meeting room to a photography studio with the use of lightweight, moveable furniture and retracting walls. Being able to adapt your workplace to different needs is crucial if your office is on the small side as it means you will be able to keep up with the fast paced business world without needing to spend extra money on renting different spaces to get the job done.

2. Nature

Introducing nature and greenery into an office space is fast becoming the norm. There are several benefits of introducing greenery into the office, check out Zspace UK’s blog on ‘How Employees can Benefit from Office Greenery’ for more information. With space usually at a minimum in offices a popular trend to introduce plants is through living walls and hanging plants from ceilings. Check out the living walls Rische Group installed below. On the topic of nature, natural light is also a popular factor in offices. Natural light increases wellbeing and results in happier employees leading to better interactions and increased creativity.

3. Communal Work Spaces

Communal work spaces are fast gaining popularity especially in offices where teamwork is essential. These communal areas can range from onsite restaurants, to game rooms, which provide great spaces to relax during lunch breaks and interact with colleagues about things other than work. Additionally, communal desk areas are used to encourage interaction between colleagues and in turn increase productivity. Comfortable furniture is used in these communal areas to create a welcoming feeling and to ensure staff are comfy and happy during their days work.

4. Integrated Private Work Spaces

Open plan offices are here to stay, however in some business environments private work places are still crucial. Nevertheless, private areas are changing and moving away from separate, closed off rooms. Instead think glass boxes and work huts, these areas provide privacy whilst ensuring employees still feel connected to others in the office.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is on the rise in all aspects of life, the office included. The use of sustainable materials can be integrated through both building materials and furniture. Read our blog on '3 Green Alternatives to Traditional Concrete' to get some ideas. Sustainable furniture is now easier than ever to source and can vary from chairs made from recycled plastic bottles to fabrics made from plants. Natural wood and stone features can also be used on the walls instead of plain plaster to add warmth and interest to an office space.

We hope this was an interesting read for you! Let us know in the comments section below your opinions on our blog content!

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