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The Benefits of Working Outdoors

So what are the benefits of working outdoors?

Including elements of nature in your work day brings a multitude of benefits. Being in nature can reduce stress and give you an energy boost which allows access to higher brain areas leading to an increase in concentration, creativity, productivity, improved memory and reduced mental tiredness.

Just a small lunch time walk can reduce tension and increase enthusiasm. Nature can also improve teamwork as feelings of trust and community are heightened. Furthermore, increased exposure to natural light as opposed to artificial office lighting can aid sleep, and we all know how important sleep is for work!

As well as being good for our well being, working outdoors has become somewhat of a norm. As we continue to learn about how to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it seems to be that fresh outdoor air is a key way to reducing the transmission of an airborne disease. As suggested by the Centres for Disease control, gathering outside rather than inside slows the possible spread of COVID-19.

So how can you incorporate nature into work life?

  1. Take meetings outside - this is an easy way to continue working and be in nature.

  2. Take your laptop outside - working outside provides mental stimulation.

  3. Dine outside – eat outside with colleagues to take your mind off work and get some fresh air.

  4. Bring nature in – if working outside isn’t possible bring nature to you, by adding plants to your office.

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