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Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

Have you ever wondered if it would be beneficial to take your furry friend to work?

Studies have shown dogs to reduce stress levels through out the work day, whereas the stress levels of those without dogs has been shown to increase. These lower stress levels could be due to worrying less, as when your dog is at work with you it means you will no longer be sat thinking if they are OK at home alone, nor are you worrying about getting home to see them. Bringing your dog to work also means they will be happier, so your pet also benefits! The reduction in stress and worry can aid your creative flow too as you can fully concentrate on the job at hand.

Dogs can also increase productivity by forcing you to take short breaks throughout the day either to take them out or simply just stroking them for a couple of minutes, these frequent breaks will increase your productivity as they refresh your mind and reduce exhaustion. The more frequent breaks you take as a result of bringing your dog to work can also improve your health as it means you increase your daily step count, and we all know how good exercise is for you!

So will you be taking your furry friend to work?

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