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3 Green Alternatives to Traditional Concrete

Concrete is the most commonly used man-made material in the world and is the second most used substance after water. But is there an alternative material to concrete that has similar properties with less environmental impact?

One concrete alternative which is actually stronger than concrete is Ferrock. Ferrock is a newly researched material that combines recycled materials including steel dust to form a concrete like substance. The best part about this material is that it absorbs and traps carbon dioxide during the drying process resulting in a carbon neutral product.

Ashcrete is another concrete alternative which replaces cement with fly ash. Fly ash is a by product of burning coal and by using this recycled material 97 percent of concrete components can be replaced.

Timbercrete is a combination of sawdust and concrete resulting in a material lighter than traditional concrete, which can be shaped in the same way as concrete. This lighter material means that emissions from transportation are reduced and the reuse of a waste material replaces some of the energy intensive components of traditional concrete, therefore resulting in a more sustainable product.

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