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3 Design Projects Even Rische Couldn't Save

Everyone knows that building projects can go wrong. Whether it’s delays, cost overruns or legal disputes, there are a number of things standing in the way of a perfect completion.

Here, we take a look at some of the most disastrous building projects that have played out in the public eye that even the project rescue team at Rische couldn’t save.

Millennium Dome

Dubbed one of the biggest flops in the history of public building projects, the Millennium Dome was reported in the press as being badly thought-out and badly executed with everyone wondering what was going to happen to it afterwards. A prime example of a project going over budget, the original estimated cost to the lottery was £399million whereas the total cost of The Dome at the liquidation of the New Millennium Experience Company in 2002 was £789million. So much extra capital was required due to the disappointing visitor numbers after the Dome opened its doors.

Brazil World Cup Stadiums

Dubbed another colossal waste of money in the media, Brazil’s World Cup stadiums were a case of negative PR. They were criticised for their opulence and locations with stories dominating the media of homes being raised to the ground for them to be built, leaving people of Brazil homeless.

There was also an issue with safety after three workers died during the construction of one, and overspending when the materials had to be shipped from Europe to construct it. Also, the pitch was reportedly sprayed green to mask its poor condition ahead of the match between Italy and England, due to the climate. Although a huge boost for the economy, Brazil is arguably not the ideal location for an event like this where such mammoth building work is required.

If you have questions about a building project and would like some advice, or perhaps you want to find out about our project rescue services, contact the team at Rische today on 0161 877 6200 or

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