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Manchester Central

Manchester Central is a Grade || listed building, formally known as Manchester Central railway station that was built in 1963 based in the heart of Manchester.

Our brief was to overhaul the Exchange suite to encourage sales and bring it up-to-date with modern day design as the space was fairly vacant and in need of some life. It was also noted that Manchester Central’s famous clock located on the outer building is a huge source of tourist attraction which encouraged the internal re-design to pay homage to its heritage.

Alongside project partners ZSpace UK whom pulled on the need for change and altered the dynamic space in keeping with the heritage and charm of the iconic venue, Rische Group completed this project in budget and within the 28-day schedule that was made possible by a number of Rische operatives.

Brick slips and copper coated lighting were introduced to create an urban feel to the space, coupled with lineage style flooring and lighting to represent the once bustling train station to link each area together and form a sense of community.

The design was in keeping with the building and Manchester but also offered everything that the conference centre needed. Colour adjusted lighting, palisades and Hera acoustic panels gives industrial exposed ceiling with acoustic qualities and a unique design.

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