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Bentley Motors

Bespoke luxury car manufacturer, Bentley Motors, selected rischegroup to complete the refurbishment of its main reception, boutique and meeting rooms at its main UK production site in Crewe.

Bentley Motors continuously invests in the latest design and manufacturing technologies at its UK production facilities in the relentless pursuit of both luxury and performance. Every aspect of its cars comes under scrutiny and nothing is ever left to chance.

As a result it was vital that the aesthetics of its base in Crewe were designed and executed to the same exacting standards it applies to its vehicles.

We were advised that Bentley’s reception area was one of the most important areas on site in terms of representing its retail corporate identity.

Showcasing the brand and business as a whole, the reception has a constant flow of daily traffic, acting as the main entrance for customers embarking on factory tours as well as welcoming VIP visitors and board members.

It also houses a boutique retail space that sells Bentley branded goods. Because of this, we had to ensure the renovation work caused minimal disruption to the day-to-day activity.

Bentley Motors was so impressed with rischegroup that we were commissioned to carry out further work on a number of smaller projects and, more recently, a major project for the Bentley showroom areas.

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