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Remember what you were doing in 1992?

Maybe you were studying at university, or even still at school. You may have been working hard to build your own business or climbing the company ladder, establishing a name, a reputation. In 1992, we were setting up a brand new type of construction company. 

A company based on a single, simple concept: responsibility. The idea that the best quality work, the best value work, work that’s delivered on time and on budget, that delights, that exceeds expectations is the product of teamwork. 

Teamwork that can only be achieved by a contractor with its own employed professionals.

While other companies are happy to farm their work out to subcontractors, all with their own priorities and often with little commitment either to each other or the project – we believe in the team.

From conception to completion we chose to take responsibility.  Responsibility for our clients’ absolute satisfaction.


Our team. Put simply – at rischegroup we are who we say we are. When you contract rischegroup, you contract rischegroup. 

It’s a model that’s served us well. More importantly, though, it’s served many satisfied clients extremely well indeed.


For more than two decades we’ve taken the complexity and confusion out of a huge range of construction projects adding clarity, communication and top-drawer design and construction skills. From design and planning, space planning to refurbishment, to relocation, to fit-outs and construction projects… we’ve delivered. 

Brilliant work from a brilliant team of trained and trusted employees. Skilled professionals. Professionals who see things that others won’t, who do things others don’t.

Yes, of course we’ll manage highly specialised subcontractors where necessary, but don’t let that hide the fact that at every stage of every project it’s our staff running the show, taking the responsibility.

Some people call it a ‘turnkey solution’, others ‘360’ or an ‘in-house service’. We simply call it the most efficient way to run your next project.